Wellness Coaching


In today's world, you are bombarded by so much information regarding Wellness.  It may be difficult to decipher which road to take for optimal health. Every person is unique in there quest to journey through daily Healing and Wellness

Coaching is an optimal way to receive guidance and motivation to achieve your individual and unique goals the YOU you are longing to be.  Wellness coaching is a 360 look at your mind, body and spiritual needs.

Join the coaching path to the ultimate YOU.

Wellness includes mind, body, spirit and financial freedom.

Freedom of mind can include knowledge that brings us to our greater truth and personal "knowings".  For me I have found that studying the works of great teachers has guided me to my inner knowing or truth where there is a feeling of "resonance" around their work.  

Freedom of spirit carries over this truth that sets One free. Spirit can be found in our emotions and in the stillness of our hearts. I have connected with Spirit in many ways.  One way has been through daily meditation and another through taking action in pursuit of my dreams.

Freedom of body is a life without worry of what will fail me next!  We have a medical field that is always looking for what is wrong with your body when you seek out medical attention. Now this makes sense of course, yet, my point is that we can become ingrained in what is wrong instead of what is right with our bodies.

Take time to seek out what all that is going well with you and that in and of itself will attract more of the same.

Wellness is your birthright.  

Be Well,

Terry Lynch, PT, DPT

Wellness Coach

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