“I went to see Terry for help with my ankle, which I had broken twice over the past year. My session with her far exceeded my expectations! She began by giving me key balancing exercises needed to strengthen the weak bones in my ankle, which I really appreciated. What most blew me away, however, was this amazing healing method she has developed (Inner Awareness Method), helping one connect to the wisdom stored within the body. She was able to help me translate the pain into priceless messages of wisdom that I really needed for my life. I left that session feeling freed of so much emotional baggage connected to my ankle. I am so GRATEFUL for Terry’s loving approach and the gifts she offers to her clients! Thank you, Terry!”
K. Flemke
“Good things come to those who wait & you were certainly worth the wait. I can’t thank you enough or begin to tell you how much I appreciate you going so far out of your way to share your story, your book & your talent with us. You touched each one of us in a special way. May God bless you & your family & keep you well.”
Your friend,
? Denise M.
Hey Lovely!!

“Thanks again for seeing me yesterday — I am still on the endorphin high.  This is great, you should bottle and sell it.  Another wonderful and warm day stretches in front, can’t wait!”

M. Yost
Terry Lynch thank you so much for all your encouragement and for teaching me how to clean my energy and transform all negative thoughts to positive thoughts and make the best of everything that comes my way. Because of you, i had learn to meditate, to connect with my soul and believe more in myself …. THANK YOU , THANK YOU ♥”
Claudia Lopez 
“I really, really enjoyed your class yesterday. I learned so much and I can’t wait to start using everything that I have learned…I had the absolute best time!! It was so great to witness you helping everyone in such a fun and non invasive way.  I am so excited to start reading (your book) and putting into practice this fabulous technique. Thanks so very much for your response and I hope you have a great rest of the day!!!Thanks so very much for your time.”
S. Lucas
I call Teresa E. Lynch, PT, DPT, author of Stressfish Guide to Emo Trance, “Terry” because she is my good friend, colleague, and an inspiring companion and co-explorer in the world of energy healing.  Professionally, she is an international lecturer on modern energy therapies and bodywork and is an unusual combination of an advanced practitioner in traditional physical therapies and a truly gifted practitioner who uses some of the most  advanced energy techniques known. She holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy, a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences (from the University at Stony Brook), and a transitional (ß what does “transitional” mean?) Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. However, Terry brings her own keen intuition to her work as a practitioner of the healing arts in her office near Princeton, NJ.  There she works with private patients and groups to bring health and  true happiness into their lives.  I highly recommend her work from firsthand experience – Terry is exceptional.  You can contact her at 908-313-0917, or write toterrylynch7@gmail.com .
Dr. Pat Carrington
“Exhilarating. Got me back in touch with myself. I feel joyous and at peace. Connected to the people in this room and to all the people in my life. Thank you!!!”
M. Stevens
“I truly appreciated your session…  I glowed for DAYS afterwards, and have already been losing a pound or two, without really trying hard.  It’s always good to have a reminder that our attitude is our choice, including how much we choose to accept and absorb from the world around us.  Your uplifting message can apply to so many things in our lives, not just health and weight loss. Thank you!.”
L. Counselman