Miracles and Love

sun shining through dark coulds like a miracleMiracles – Love the vibrations to live at

At a time when the world seems to be falling apart, whether it be from hurricanes or emotional traumas of daily living, miracles are what many people hope for.

Yet, many look to miracles as something that is going to happen to someone else and not you.

That is the very thinking that is keeping them away from you!

You are love and in and of itself a miracle of life.

Love is a high vibrational energy.  In "Power vs Force," David Hawkins measures love at a vibration where miracles happen.

Now this is not the sweet feeling love, but the love that stands in the presence of a powerful vibrational frequency.

Love is looking at yourself and embracing who you are and moving foward from there.  

Love is going to the "better thinking thought" and embracing possibility.

Love is surrendering to what is and opening to the creativity that lives within you.

Want Extreme Health?

Raise your vibration. Higher. Higher. Flow your energy and Love.

Believe me.  Miracles will happen.


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