daisies in a fieldHealing comes from the word to make whole.

Healing and Breath – A giving and receiving moment.

Breathe. Feel the breath coursing in through your body and slowly out.

As you take a deep breathe where is that breath going?  

Imagine that breath in spreading through out your body cleansing it and puriying it.

Now with the breath out all that does not belong, tension, stress, worry…leaves with your gentle and slow exhale.


A healing moment.

Yet, what does it mean to heal.  

A definition you can look up on line says to heal is to make whole.  

Throughout the course of each day there are aspects of our lives where we are giving.

If you have children, you may find yourself giving to them during the day.  This is a blessing yet receiving is part of the balance.

If you are working, you may find yourself trying to give your best in all you do or not…The point is, the balance of your system includes being able to receive.

To heal often connotates that something is broken. Maybe nothing is broken, maybe a siimple balance point needs to be met where we can come back to wholeness.

May you find giving and receiving a part of your everyday. May you heal whatever needs to come to balance each day. May you feel whole as you begin and end your day.

Your breath… a giving and a receiving moment.

Just Breathe.

Many Blessings,


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