Transformational Life Energy Coaching

Energy is life.
When our energy is in flow and harmony with all that is going around us, we feel strong within who we are and all feels well in our world. We experience the energy of enthusiasm, creativity, and gratitude for life.  We have a deep sense of love for ourselves and others.  We feel one with our body and life around us.
Yet, when our energy is out of balance, moving slowly, and has a feeling of being stuck; our experience of our world is very different.  Fear and worry may rule our lives.  Our bodies feel awkward to live in.  We almost feel as if we are separate from our bodies. We feel distant not only from our bodies, but from those around us. Yet, we recoil into our body and feel small.
When our energy is in flow, we simply feel better!
Are you feeling stuck?  Do you feel tired and weary of life?  Then Transformational Energy Life Coaching is for YOU!
There is a special energy coaching program for teens as well.
Below are the objectives for the three hour empowerment program for teens which consists of:
1. Understanding your body’s energies and how thinking and emotions play a crucial role in what is happening around you.
    a. This is an important concept to understanding how to perform at one’s best whether in sports, test taking or other aspects of life.
2. Learn how the choices you make influence you life.
    a. Positive choice statements and affirmations will be developed and an essential oil “goddess scent” will be individually tailored. The action of creating the scent helps to instill and foster the positive intentions being made.
3. Instruct in the tool “Mind SET” to be “game ready” for life.
   a. This is a visualization tool to help create the mindset needed for competition and for life in general.