Welcome to EmoTrance!

EmoTrance stands for Emotional Transformation.

Do you realize you have a gift of emotional transformation built right into your being?

This gift when understood, practiced and experienced on a deeper level can bring love, joy, forgiveness, peace and even bliss into your being and everyday experiences.

Are you searching for a way to ease emotional pain and transform them to joy?

The way is in YOU.

Are you looking for a way to bring yourself to a higher level of being?

The way is in YOU.

Are you looking for a lifeskill that can use emotions as your guide?

The lifeskill is in YOU.

Are you tired of all the information out there and just want to transform?

Welcome to EmoTrance!

Emotional Transformation is a simple progression through an emotional condition that brings about a change to a more positive, productive, and improved state of being.

An example would be a transformation from despair to empowerment, unhappiness to joy, or trepidation to courage.

EmoTrance or Emotional Transformation involves having a person address their negative emotions through a simple modality that when understood and felt causes negative emotions to dissipate and flow into a more positive emotional state.

How can you take advantage of this gift that lies dormant within you?

Here are simple steps to start your EmoTrance journey.

  1. Think of a situation that has angered you or disturbed you in some way.
  2. Where do you feel this in your body?  
  3. Show me with your hands.
  4. Pay full attention to the erea inside you.
  5. Intention: Say gently to the erea, “Soften and Flow”
  6. Where does the energy want to go?
  7. “Soften and Flow” Did you notice a change in the energy? Did the energy shift to a different location?

This technique is the beginning of connecting with this important lifeskill of being able to flow your body’s emotional energy.

If you want to know more read my book, “Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance

There you can find other works as well as EmoTrance by creator Silvia Hartmann and free downloads  http://dragonrising.com/store/the_official_introduction_guide_to_emotrance/2011/

If you would like to go deeper into the EmoTrance experience, workshops and trainings are available. Look for wonderful training opportunities offered on this site taking place in New Jersey and the tri-state region.

For a personal EmoTrance session, fill out your information on the Contact page and you will be connected with Terry Lynch, one of the foremost EmoTrance Masters today.