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Healing comes from the word to make whole. Healing and Breath – A giving and receiving moment. Breathe. Feel the breath coursing in through your body and slowly out. As you take a deep breathe where is that breath going?   Imagine that breath in spreading through out your body cleansing it and puriying it. Now with the breath out all that does not belong, tension, stress, worry…leaves with your gentle and slow exhale. Repeat. […]


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Miracles – Love the vibrations to live at At a time when the world seems to be falling apart, whether it be from hurricanes or emotional traumas of daily living, miracles are what many people hope for. Yet, many look to miracles as something that is going to happen to someone else and not you. That is the very thinking that is keeping them away from you! You are love and in and of itself […]

Miracles and Love

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Meditation for Improved ways of Living What do you want in your life?  Better health, more abundance, improved relationships? Meditation is one of those tools that can help you get there. If you don't have much time, here is a simple meditation to begin with: Write down what it is you would like to improve in your life.  (If you are like me, you may find yourself writing more than one item. Choose one for […]


Love is a free flowing energy through the body and when fully present to that free flowing love energy, tingling sensations can be present.  The flow of this energy river stops when emotions from a thought agreement or judgment that can stop the river like a damn. Love is Letting Go of Shields First to add to the many different definitions of love, the definition of love from an EmoTrance point of view will be […]

Love Is Letting Go of Shields

Having Extreme Health means taking time to care for your skin and appreciate the great gift you have been given in your own physicality. There are so many skin products, yet the best product is the one you can make for yourself when it is made with love. You deserve the luxury of caring for you and taking the time to uplift yourself and your face by these three simple ideas.   Having Extreme Health […]

Uplift Yourself by Caring for Your Skin: A Natural Facelift

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Stress can be reduced in many ways.  First and foremost the way you think is crucial (so remember to read "Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance")!  Adding to stress reduction includes a inflammatory reducing breakfast, supplements, snacks and breathing… In my book "Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance", using a simple technique of EmoTrance helps to transform your emotions and reduce stress.  A practice of including EmoTrance in your life and incorporating nutritional foods that reduce stress, can bring […]

Stress Reducing Ideas

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In the “The Biogeneology SourceBook” by Christian Fleche, she states that the problems dealing with the body taking on weight or the  "overweight" dilema relate to “conflicts of low self-esteem in relation to a part of the body that is perceived as unattractive.  These conflicts relating to one’s figure are exacerbated when the person sees the self in a mirror, from another person’s point of view, in a video, or in a photo…he or she […]

7 Steps to Creative Weight Loss

Taking a deep breath helps to de-stress the brain. De-Stressing the brain is so important.  Everytime we get nervous, or a negative thought enters our brain, a stress hormone is released. There is a fight, flight or freeze response. As a physical therapist and coach, I tell my clients all the time to breathe through exercise and life's activities.  We take breathing for granted and forget about the many beneficial qualities a deep breath can […]

De-stressing the Brain