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A healing walk in the park and discovering Vitamins G.O.D.  On Sunday March 3, 2013, I woke up to a cold winter's blustery day and thought, “Who would go out on a day like this?  Avid healers and nature lovers! I would have stayed snuggled in my warm blanket but I was leading the group to a healing walk in the park!  Arriving at the park, the group was already assembled. Who was there I […]

A Healing Walk in the Park

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Begin to bring together the fullness of who you are in all that you do. What is Extreme health? Extreme health is all about understanding your nutritional needs, your body's needs for movement as well as the emotional and intellectual components that need attention as well. How do I begin to do all that? Where do I begin? Begin to bring together the fullness of who you are (mind, body and spirit) in all that […]

Extreme Health: Activities for the Energy of YOU

Why Healing to Wellness?   Healing to Wellness is the fluctuation we experience through life.  Everyday we have opportunities to experience wellness and everyday we have opportunities to heal. We all have the ability to heal.  Inate in each of us is an inner healer waiting to be awakened.  Many of us have experienced the intuition of knowing what is right for our bodies, minds and spirits and the flow we experience when we follow […]

Welcome to Healing to Wellness!

Ways to Improve Health Extreme Health.   What would you do to take your health to the extremes?   But what is Extreme Health?   Extreme Health is changing patterns affecting your mind, body and spirit and taking them to an extreme new behavior for YOU.     This may be different for each person.  It is very individualistic.   For example, for those with the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) and eating cereals with […]

Your Extreme Health

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Fear and anxiety can come from being busy too. The business of our day prevents us from embracing the wonder of who we are as individuals and the connectedness we have to others. Simple tapping technique to relieve stress. As I sit here in my office in New Jersey, I look out and see the business of our lifestyle today.   No wonder so many people are afraid.   The business of our day prevents […]

EFT and Your Fear

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Low Back Pain is a common ailment for many people. Physical Therapy can help. Are you experiencing low back pain? There are so many reasons you may be experiencing low back pain.  Let's look at one of the many. Are you sitting for long periods of time in the work place, go home only to sit again?  A simple activity may be to lie on the ground on your stomach. Leaving your stomach touching the […]

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain